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Company Risk Analysis

Shouldn’t your wellness day give you tangible results, with real suggestions that help increase staff wellness and, in turn, boosts employee productivity.

Perhaps your sales team is highly stressed, and 40% of your finance team is suffering from obesity… You may ask yourself WHY? Why are my staff unhappy, depressed, complaining, unhealthy?

With our unique wellness risk assessment we can uncover the deep seated reasons behind any lack of productivity among potential top-performers.
Our aim is to bring the best out of your employees, empowering at both a grass-root and managerial level.

Health Risk Assessment: Data Uses

The health risk assessment may be used to:

  • Bring awareness to individual staff member’s health status
  • Motivate employees to make healthier lifestyle changes
  • To assign a health coach to the high-risk employees
  • Plan health promotion programs based on the identified needs
  • Measure program success by comparing the data from one year to the next. The risk appraisal intervals can be shorter or longer based on an organizations financial commitment to their wellness programs and to ascertaining the effectiveness of the program.

All employees involved in participating health risk assessments usually become more engaged and active. They start making conscious steps towards improving their health and are happy to volunteer for wellness programs. People are inspired because of the results that they get through this process. In many cases, a health assessment is the first time certain employees start being aware of the negative sides of their current lifestyle and how it can affect their health.

Before wellness programs and health risk assessments, a lot of employees aren’t even aware that they may have predispositions for diabetes, cancer, heart disease or depression. Through workplace wellness people will increase their health awareness and talk more about their well-being. This can later have a very positive effect on the whole work environment and people will start caring for the conditions and improve them on their own.

  • Risk Analysis

  • R100
  • R100 per person, R4000 admin cost per 100 people