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Exercise Instruction

Exercise Instructions video

All your exercises in one AWESOME video. You're welcome 🙂

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A few extras

Just some extra info for you

How to Do a Bench-Dip

How to Perform Jumping-Jacks

How to Do Calf-Raises

How to Do a Deadlift

How to Do Lunges

How to Do Mountain-Climbers

How to Do Jump-Squats

How to Do a Dumbbell Clean-and-Push-Press (snatch)

How to Do waist twists while holding a light dumbbell or other light object

This serves to strengthen and balance your musculature.

  • Racquet sport players, or people who are not ambidextrous, should concentrate on the weak side by swinging a racquet, aerobic dumbbell or light object held in the non-dominant hand.
  • Freestyle swimmers should breathe on both sides during the rotations.
  • Golfers and baseball players should do some switch hitting swings in practice to balance their muscles.



Sissy Squats


Kettlebell Swings – always keep core engaged


Stiff leg Deadlift– Stiff leg deadlift with dumbbells. Make sure you clench your bum while doing this and keep your core in


Mountain Climbers (basically a burpee without actually getting up, remain in push up position at all times J