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Why Buy a Mobile Fitness Solutions Franchise?

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1. Great Returns – Make Money Fast

Become part of the largest and most successful fitness franchise in South Africa.

High profit margins are standard with this amazing business model and it’s easy to see why. Personal Training is in extremely high demand these days, especially home-based personal trainers. We have a specifically designed business model that will enable the franchisee to provide clients with qualified personal trainers at a competitive rate while maintaining a good profit margin. In addition there is a residual income as most people choose to sign up for the long term, which means one client can potentially generate income for you indefinitely. Upon purchasing a Mobile Fitness franchise you are guaranteed to earn from month 1.


2. Help People

Many businesses out there are cut-throat and don’t have the customers’ best interests at heart. The gym industry usually runs on one principle: high membership with low attendance. We don’t believe in exploiting people, we believe in helping people achieve their goals, improving quality of life and creating members that stay with us for life. Our trainers and employees are passionate about the company and about their jobs, ensuring our place in the fitness industry for ever. “Not just another fitness franchise”

3. Low Overheads

Mobile Fitness Solutions has extremely low overheads. Your gross-profit is pretty much your net profit, ensuring long-term profitability. A franchisee needs little more than a small space to work from, a phone line and a good internet connection to run a successful branch. Head office can take care of any extra admin work you may have and has a full team to help with anything from legal to secretarial which makes this fitness franchise perfect for a stay-at-home mom or even a qualified fitness professional looking to move up in the world.


4. Established Brand

We have an already well established brand, meaning people recognise us as one of the prominent mobile fitness companies in South Africa. With trainers throughout South Africa, we have chiselled out our place in South Africa and are here to stay. Our marketing is edgy and capable of drawing in hundreds of new customers on a regular basis. Mobile Fitness franchises already come with clients and trainers, meaning that once you buy your fitness franchise you may have to hit the ground running.


5. Be Your Own Boss

Why work for someone when you can work for yourself? We have a tried and tested formula that, providing you put in the effort, will produce great results. All you need is a passion for fitness and the ambition to succeed to grow your own fitness franchise.


6. Marketing

Mobile Fitness Solutions is renowned for innovative marketing concepts, coupled with the expertise of a fantastic marketing company constantly doing new brand activations, print and display advertising and a state-of-the-art website.


7. Training

We will give all new franchisees full training and are here to make sure you make a success of your new business. With procedure manuals and 24 hour support from head-office you will never feel like you are in this alone. Owning a Mobile Fitness franchise means you will have access to a plethora of information, from health and wellness to successful business management, we will be by your side every step of the way.


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Fees and legal stuff:


Full Mobile Fitness Franchise Fees:

Depending on the area and the Mobile Fitness franchise option you decide to go with fees can range from R120 000 for a basic setup, up to R250 000 for a full set up including 3 months paid office rental, phone line rental, 1 admin employee and more. There is also an optional initial management fee of R20 000 which means you won’t have to pay us any management fee for the first 3 months of starting up your business. Finance is available from various financial institutions.

No personal training diploma is required to run this fitness franchise, however if you want to train people yourself, a diploma is required.

Single Trainer Franchise Fees:

We also offer single trainer franchises, strictly for personal trainers who have a passion for training. This fee is R40 000 once off, allowing you to work in your area for yourself and train as many clients as you please. Management fees are also more affordable. For more info on this option please contact our head office or email

A personal training diploma is required to buy this fitness franchise.

Management Fee:

Your monthly management fee is R3500 or 6% of turnover, whichever is higher. You only need to start paying from month 4.


Marketing Fee:

Your marketing fee is 2.5% of your monthly turnover and is paid into a separate account so you will be able to see exactly where your money is being spent. In addition you get free marketing from our website and any leads that come through to head office will be forwarded to you providing that they are in your designated area.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

For the basic franchise fee of R120 000 you get:

  • Full training (3 –day class) and procedure manual
  • 29 client leads in your area of operation (a potential value of R60 000 per month)
  • Recruitment assistance for initial recruitment drive
  • All legal documents, including trainer contracts, client contracts, invoice templates
  • Ability to use all trademarks, marketing material and website
  • Business cards, flyers, pamphlets
  • Up to R40 000 worth of marketing including but not limited to billboards, print advertising, website link, trailer advertising, car branding
  • A laptop or tablet with all necessary documents and marketing material


Requirements to own a Franchise?

The first step is to contact us and set up an initial interview. We only sell franchises to the best of the best and have very strict requirements when it comes to franchisees.

Franchisees must:

  • Be well presented
  • Encompass the MFS ethos and have a passion for health and wellness
  • Have access to the full franchise fee, plus be financially secure with a good credit rating
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be internet savvy
  • Be personable with great communication skills