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Team Building

Team Building, business vector concept for presentations

What is a corporate fun-wellness-day? Team Building the MFS way!!!

Gone are the days of having a boring wellness day with a few nurses and unmotivated staff. Mobile Fitness Solutions incorporates Fun, unique ideas to help staff have a proper team building day that they will remember. This encourages a feeling of gratefulness toward the company. Not only do we do assessments in order to monitor staff health, we encourage having fun while doing it.

Fun-Day Options available:


  • Mini soccer
  • Big glove boxing
  • Gladiator rings
  • Podium knock-offs


  • Trampoline bungee
  • Mechanical Bull

Fun events

  • Master-chef style competitions
  • So you think you can dance competition

Benefits of Team-Building

The term “team building” has become a catchword in recent years, and has many implications. In terms of corporate growth, team-building is imperative not for the immediate involvement of the activities performed by the team, but also for the group skills, communication and camaraderie that result. The activity, be it an obstacle course or the cooking Challenge, is merely the means to the end: an insightful learning experience. Team-building programmes provide tangible practices that empower individuals to contribute to collective goals. The success of most businesses depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams.

The main goal of team-building is to increase productivity and enthusiasm. Taking employees out of the office helps groups interrupt personal barriers, eradicate disruptions, and have fun. The benefits of team-building programs are so substantial that many businesses have combined teambuilding strategies into their standard training syllabus.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improves self-esteem and leadership skills
  • Clearly defines objectives and goals
  • Finds the obstacles that prevent creativity
  • Helps define and create processes and procedures
  • Improves the ability to problem solve
  • Advances organisational productivity
  • Recognizes a team’s strengths and weaknesses

fun day

fun day 2

What Team-Building Does

Develop common goals

Team building helps people understand that working together will achive specific goals faster than working alone. It builds a sense of togetherness, that overflows into the workplace. People that usually struggle with certain tasks are now empowered to ask for help from co-workers.

Exposes leadership qualities

A good team-building exercise will allow natural leaders to shine. It will then let management note who has a leadership role that can be used to advance productivity. Office dynamics often have underlying roles that are not immediately visible to upper management.