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The Ultimate 8-week Transformation


To The ULTIMATE Transformation

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6 Custom Eating Plans

Choose from 6 delicious eating plans. From calorie specific plans (Calculator included so you can work out which would suit you best), to a Keto (banting) and even a gluten and dairy free option. Our Keto plan is full of fatty delicious foods, while our calorie specific plans are healthy and balanced. There is truly something for everyone.

3 professional exercise programs

Choose from 3 specialised exercise programs. A beginner plan aimed at those without a gym membership or those just starting out. A Gym-Bunny plan for the more advanced, or those who love the gym and want to build lean muscle, and a triathlete program, aimed at increasing fitness, shredding fat and becoming a machine.


What's a Challenge Without Prizes

From electronics to cold hard cash, our winner and runner up will be showered with prizes beyond belief. If you think you have what it takes to change your body and your life, now is the time to shine.

Young smiling woman at the gym relaxing and listening to music using a mobile phone and earphones

Email and WhatsApp Support

In our previous transformations some felt that there wasn’t enough support. This transformation we have a dedicated WhatsApp line that will be connected to a group of trainers between 5am and 8pm, so you will get instant replies almost all the time. We have also created a whole new member’s area that is much easier to navigate.


Supplement Advice

This time round we are not affiliated with any external providers. We have opted instead to offer honest reviews on any supplement range you may prefer. We will also advise you on which supplements are beneficial to you as an individual.

What do I get if I buy this challenge

Included in this challenge is access to all 3 exercise programs, as well as 6 eating plans. You also get access to a personal trainer via WhatsApp. Once you register you will receive a membership number. This number must be used when emailing a personal trainer.

You will also be entered into our transformation competition and stand a chance of winning your share of over R50 000 in prizes.

I don't have any gym equipment or a gym membership. Can I still enter

YES! We have 3 gym programs available, one of which is made specially for those who do not have access to any gym equipment.

What is the Keto diet?

The Keto diet is basically banting. It uses fat as your main source of energy and carb intake is kept to a minimum. It is highly effective for weight loss and for those who have been struggling to lose weight. With the Keto diet you still get to eat all of your favourite foods such as bacon and eggs, however no toast will be served with those eggs.

How do I choose my programme

We can advise on which eating plan and exercise program to pair once you sign up if you feel confused, just send an email to or contact one of your trainers on the WhatsApp line. Details will be emailed to you once you sign up.

A few examples are:

  • Female, low muscle tone, slightly overweight: Go with the Gym program coupled with the 1800 calorie eating plan.
  • If you are a female, obese, urgently want to transform, you may do the HiiT program and the 1400 Calorie eating plan for the first 4 weeks, then change over to the Gym program
  • Male, big belly, low muscle tone: Gym Bunny program and 1800 Cal eating plan

WARNING. This program is a no BS, take-you-there, initiative by MFS Body Transformations. Lets get the SHOW ON THE ROAD

What is HST? It's the secret celebrities and fitness pros don't readily share.

HST stands for Hypertrophic Specific Training… which is really just a fancy word for kick-ass muscle growth. The theory behind it is, more lean muscle mass = a higher metabolic rate. Higher metabolic rate means your body burns fat more effectively. Couple this with a good eating plan and you have a fool-proof method to incinerating fat and getting that 6-pack you have always wanted. Please note, this is a relatively experienced program, you need relatively good knowledge of gym, however that is what our trainers are here for, if you don’t know something you can just ask.

Calorie Busting HiiT home program

This is a high-intensity, calorie-busting interval program perfect for those who do not have a gym membership or who have limited equipment. It is also more suited to beginners or those who want to shed fat and increase fitness. It is suited towards definition and fat loss, rather than strength and muscle growth. Burn over 500 calories a day with this program and combine it with our low calorie clean eating plan to create a powerful weight-loss aide. Also suitable to alternate between this program for cardio and the HST program every other day.

This is exactly what it sounds like. A killer program developed for the budding triathlete. It is a mixture of gym, home and outdoor training, incorporating cycling, running and swimming. Become insanely fit, functionally strong and perhaps even make new friends along the way, there are hundreds of clubs you can join throughout South Africa.

Enter Now, and WIN BIG

You may enter from now UNTIL 5 March 2018. All Final pictures must be in by 10 May 2018 to qualify. Winners will be announced 31 May 2018