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6 Brook Avenue, Bryanston, Johannesburg

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How MFS Works


Step 1

Click ``Find A Trainer`` above

Step 2

Search for your trainer. Choose from specialties and location. Rates starting from R280 per session

Step 3

Call your trainer to check if they have available time for you. Set up your free assessment.

Step 4

Choose how many sessions you want. Pay for them. Start Training. Remember; You pay your trainer directly, We do not take 40% commission.

Why Us

A message from the MD

I started this mobile personal training company as a young personal trainer fresh out of college back in 2007. My idea was simple; start training people from their homes. No gym meant no rental to pay. Life started making sense.

In addition, all the gym trainers seemed to have their very removed way of doing things. Pointing to machines and shouting numbers seemed like it was meant for a different type of trainer. That was not the way of the mobile personal trainer

I wanted more. I wanted to help people who couldn’t or didn’t want to go to the gym. I wanted to be theΒ personal trainer who really made a difference in peoples’ lives. A MobileΒ Personal Trainer who went the extra mile. This is where MFS was born. Today we have a network of over 90 independent, FULLY QUALIFIED, highly experienced and vetted (I personally vet each and every trainer) mobile personal trainers across South Africa.

We give young, quality personal trainers a chance to really succeed in this business, with proper training and hand-holding, while giving you, the client, the ability to choose your trainer with ease.

We are the ONLY mobile personal training company in the country (and perhaps the world?) who does not take a commission from our trainers. You pay them directly, meaning they will be far more flexible with their fees.

This is the future of fitness, and you are a part of it. Welcome.

Damien Seid

Managing Director