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Do you want to become a mobile personal trainer but just don’t know where to start? With MFS we have your entire business, in a box, ready to be used to make loads of money. Don’t worry about a thing, we will give you everything you could possibly need to run a successful mobile fitness business, including some leads to get you started. Stop waiting, stop paying your hard-earned money to a big-box gym, start working for yourself, start being your own boss and start making some real money with your training career.

Stop Paying Rent at a Gym

Make Money

Here's the thing with working for a gym, it is expensive. Plus, if you work for a big-box gym then your marketing is limited. And so are your clientele. As a mobile trainer you control your own money, charge your own clients and KEEP ALL YOUR MONEY.

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Give your clients that extra level of service! We have hundreds of customised eating plans and exercise programs to help you with your training. Plus we have a referral network of over 200 service providers around South Africa. You will never train alone.

Set Your Own Hours

Work for as long or as little as you like. Have a full time job? That's cool with us, make yourself an extra 10 grand a month for just a few hours work. Mobile Training is certainly the most lucrative form of personal training

  • R2500
  • Per month
  • Full-Benefits

    • Full Licence as  a MFS Mobile Trainer
    • Full Webpage dedicated to you
    • 5 days business training
    • MFS Uniform Included
    • Car Window Branding
    • All forms and training given
    • Access to 100s of eating plans and exercise programs
    • Access to administrative shared services, such as financial assist,  Invoicing, Web-apps, web design, legal assist, referrals, etc
    • Look Professional
    • earn R12k to R40k Per month Part-time
    • 85% of our trainers become highly successful
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